These are links to our favorite funny stuff around the net, except for Monty Python, which has a page of its own. If our choices seem a bit geeky to you, it's no use complaining to us, 'cause were unrepentantly proud of it.

- Tim

The Awful German Language
Mark Twain's classic essay on the trials and tribulations of learning German, from the Appendix of A Tramp Abroad, published in 1880. - Tim

So You Want To Learn Japanese...
This is a very amusing article of advice to the prospective student, from an experienced Japanese language major. Though not as literate or witty as Twain's essay on German, it is well worth reading. - Tim

Kissing Hank's Ass
This is my favorite story from the site of the self-styled Rev. Jim Huber, Heretic. It will be particularly appreciated by anyone who has ever been annoyed by evangelists knocking at their front door.- Tim

Japanese Engrish
English is as tough to learn for the Japanese, as their language is for English speakers. This site collects prime examples of Japan's most painful "Engrish".- Tim