Grand Gulch Primitive Area - Page 2

The Kane Gulch and Bullet Canyon trailheads are easily accessible from route 261, east of the primitive area. Reaching the Collins Canyon trailhead requires about 7 miles of backcountry driving, beginning from the road that leads to Halls Crossing on Lake Powell, west of the primitive area. This is not a good place for your vehicle to break down, as Louise and I know well from experience. Fortunately, the problem turned out to be a loose electrical connection, which I was able to find and fix (whew!).

Pour-Off Pool - there is almost always water in the pool at the base of this dramaticaly sculpted water fall, although we have never seen it actually run. There are several similar areas throughout the canyon. We have found tracks of deer and cougar in the mud around this pool.
Pour-Off Pool from the Top - this particular pool is located roughly 8 miles upstream from where Bullet Canyon meets Grand Gulch.
Approach to Jailhouse Ruin - As you hike down Bullet Canyon, you are eventually met with the stare of this rather ominous looking pictograph, set on the canyon wall above Jailhouse Ruin.
Jailhouse Ruin - the trail map doesn't explain why this ruin was tagged with the name "jailhouse", but I rather suspect it was because of this curiously barred window. The grill-work serves no utilitarian purpose I can think of - it is too large to keep out dust or mice, and the window itself is too small to allow egress even by a child. Perhaps it was meant to be purely decorative.
Fretted Pictograph - I can't quite recall where I took this picture. It was either at Jailhouse Ruin, or a little further down the canyon at Perfect Kiva Ruin. In any case, the motif is reminiscent of pottery decorations. Note the handprints above the fretting - these are pretty ubiquitous in Anasazi rock art.
Perfect Kiva Ruin - This ruin in Bullet Canyon was named for its remarkably well-preserved kiva.
The "Narrows" - When a section of canyon is termed "narrows", hikers tend to expect formations like the long, deep passages found at Zion and the Paria. While this formation is picturesque, it is in reality a very short constriction in the canyon just below Collins Canyon, no more than 50 feet or so in length.

Information is available from the BLM, 435 North Main, PO Box 7, Monticello, Utah 84535. The phone number is (801) 587-2141. Information can also be obtained at the BLM ranger station at the Kane Gulch trailhead, about 4 miles south of route 95 on route 261.