A Canyon Country Miscellany

Having scanned photos furiously for two weeks, I find I've barely scratched the surface of all we've seen on the Colorado Plateau, and have only given the barest hint of all we have yet to discover. This page therefore contains a random selection of images, that may someday be gathered, along with others, into their own departments.

Grand Canyon - I feel a little strange including Grand Canyon in the miscellany - it really deserves a page of its own. Still, for some odd reason I can't find most of our Grand Canyon photos, and the few I could find aren't that great. This picture was taken from the north rim.
The Bisti - Louise catches some rays among the fantastically eroded "hoodoos" of the Bisti Wilderness. This area is located in northwestern New Mexico, close to the Arizona Border. Bisti is a Navajo word that means "badlands". The area also features lots of petrified wood.
Druid Arch - This aptly name formation is located deep within the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, in eastern Utah. Canyonlands is divided into three districts, of which the Needles district is our favorite. To explore the whole park properly would take a dedicated hiker months.
Delicate Arch - free-standing arches are a rarity. This one is a part of Arches National Park in eastern Utah.
Bryce Canyon National Park - located in south-central Utah, Bryce is one of the most picturesque of all the parks on the Colorado Plateau.
Lake Powell - When Glen Canyon was dammed and flooded, a large lake was formed, located to the northeast of Grand Canyon. This photo was taken at Hite's Crossing, at the north end of the lake.